Air Conditioning System
Replacement Naples, FL

When “it’s time,” you just know it! Wicked Cool provides AC replacement service based on professional integrity – delivering fast, affordable, and honest service for over 30 years.

1) Schedule a Consultation

Call anytime. Our team will mobilize to get you comfortable as soon as possible. You’ll always get clear explanations on what to expect.

2) Get Your AC System Diagnosis

Your advisor will check your current AC’s efficiency levels and help you decide if repairing or replacing makes more sense for you.


3) No Obligation, No Pressure

You’ll get a no-obligation quote for repairs. Considering a new system? Get detailed, written quotes for properly sized AC replacement options.

4) Save Money

We’ll find ways to save you money! An energy-efficient AC system can get you tax credits, utility rebates, special financing offers, not to mention energy savings!

Repair or Replace?

What makes more sense for your comfort and your wallet – to repair or replace your current AC system? Add up the points from your answers to the following questions.

How old is your current AC system? 1~5 years Points 0 6~10 years Points 8 10~14 years Points 12 More than 15 years Points 18
Points 0 8 12 18
Average usage per day 0~2 hours Points 1 2~4 hours Points 3 4~5 1/2 hours Points 5 More than 5 1/2 hours Points 7
Points 1 3 5 7
How much longer will you be at this home? 1~3 years Points 1 4~6 years Points 2 7~9 years Points 3 10+ years Points 4
Points 1 2 3 4
What would the repair cost be? $0-100 Points 2 $101-300 Points 3 $301-500 Points 4 More than $500 Points 5
Points 2 3 4 5

If your total points were:

1~10 11~19 20 or more
1-10 Repairing is likely your best option. 11-19 You can choose to repair if you were happy with your home comfort level until now;
You can upgrade your system to take advantage of better technology and future cost savings.

20 or more AC replacement is the best economic decision given projected energy and repair costs.

Service-First AC Replacement

Should you decide that an AC system replacement makes the most sense for your home, we’ll show you how we’ve earned our trusted reputation. We never skimp on cleanup, disposal, tools, parts, and effort!

  • New AC equipment at peak efficiency
  • Choose from brand names you trust
  • 100% genuine parts
  • Friendly, professional technicians
  • We protect your home with drop cloths, shoe covers

Our customers love us!